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Roger Davidson

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The last film of legend James Dean's tragically short career, this epic movie based on the novel by Edna Ferber, follows the lives and loves of two Texas barons (Rock Hudson and Dean). Like most epics, the time span follows two generations of Texas residents and the trouble that comes from the long-running rivalry of cattle baron Hudson and oil baron Dean. Elizabeth Taylor is the woman that comes between the two millionaires and their way of life.

A brilliant ensemble of some of the finest actors in Hollywood history, Dean stands out as always. He plays a role that (had he lived) would have made sure he would never have been typecasted as juvenile punks for the rest of his life. But thanks to an incredibly fast drive in his Porsche on September 30, 1955, we'll never know whether he had any good roles to play and stories to tell. But then again, his popularity still endures long after his death and he is still one of the greatest acting phenomenons that has ever lived. Long live the Giant! Long live the Rebel! Long live the Legend!

My Rating = Four Stars

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