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Roger Davidson

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A sweeping epic biography, detailing the life of the Mahatma Gandhi (Ben Kingsley) as he sets out to free his native country, India, by using non-violent methods of passive resistance (which would later influence such leaders as Martin Luther King). He would become a symbol of peace and understanding throughout the world that will never be forgotten. Some of the most memorable moments in his life are lovingly recreated by Director Richard Attenborough.

Filmed in the style of a David Lean epic, this features unforgettable performances by Kingsley as the Mahatma, Roshan Seth as Nehru and Candice Bergen as photojournalist Margaret Bourke-White. The movie, like most good epics, flows beautifully and elegantly, with a great production and awesome visuals making a perfect addition to the overall picture. Not even the classic biographies of the past have surpassed this one, when it comes to great storytelling.

My Rating = Four Stars

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