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From Dusk Till Dawn


Roger Davidson

From Dusk Till Dawn
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Before you see this film, try and think about a cross between Desperado and Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series. The film follows two bank robbing brothers (ER's George Clooney and actor-screenwriter Quentin Tarantino), who kidnap a priest (Harvey Keitel) and his family. They head south of the border to a disgusting, filthy town, full of bikers, truckers, pimps and whores. The town is actually a feeding ground for hundreds of vampires. So, the people are forced to fight for their lives until dawn.

Like Evil Dead, it's simply a comedy disguised as a full-blown horror film, full of gross sight gags and hilariously sarcastic characters. I'll admit, it begins rather slow, with only a couple of good action scenes. Then it picks up when it gets down into Mexico. After that, it's all out chaos. Most of the performances are good. Clooney makes a convincing killer, Keitel has no problem with his southern accent and Juliette Lewis (as Keitel's daughter) has her moments. However, when Tarantino is on screen, it makes me want to say to him, "Don't quit your day job". Despite Tarantino's miscasting in a pivotal role, the movie is pretty entertaining. Robert Rodriguez (El Mariachi) is getting really good at these slam-bang action westerns of his. Let's just hope he doesn't cast Tarantino in any more of his films.

My Rating = Three Stars

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