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Fritz the Cat


Roger Davidson

Fritz the Cat
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This was a very interesting rental. I had heard of this video for a long time but could never find it until a couple of weeks ago. It was the first animated film ever to get the X rating for using graphic content like strong language and sexual situations. Basically, it was the first animated cartoon to use profanity and nudity.

The director, Ralph Bakshi of Cool World fame, adapted this film from the underground comics by cartoonist R. Crumb about a cat just looking for love in all the wrong places. The animation is nothing special except for a few surrealistic scenes involving drug trips. The film is good in the first half but, by the second half, it becomes very violent and depressing and just isn't worth seeing. The first hour or so is still very funny and worth seeing simply because you are seeing early film history being made.

Footnote: The film was later rated R, so it's easier to rent.

My Rating = Three Stars

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