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Friday The 13th


Roger Davidson

Friday The 13th
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Here is the true genuine "splatter" film. None of the blood-and-gore effects from the other films mentioned in this article can compare to some of the stuff shown here. Most of you know the story, but let me refresh the memories for the people who don't know. Murders are taking place at Crystal Lake and the murderer is suspected to be Jason Vorhees, a kid that supposedly drowned years ago, because of some incompetent counselors. Apparently, Jason is getting revenge against every camp counselor in Crystal Lake. I won't reveal the real identity of the killer. All I can say is that it's not Jason. At least...not this time.

The film is supposedly scary, though the effects and the dialogue are so laughable, this has to be from the "so bad, it's good" school of filmaking. Fans of the series might boost this rating up by about a star.

My Rating = One Stars

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