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Roger Davidson

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An okay comedy, that gets more than a little idiotic after a while. Ice Cube plays a young man in the 'hood, who's unemployed and is spending his Friday trying to find two hundred bucks to save him and his friend's life from a big-time drug dealer. In the meantime, he has to contend with his family and odd assortment of neighbors.

This comedy isn't for all tastes. To me, it's not a very funny comedy. There are some funny moments (hilariously provided by comedian Chris Tucker), but not much else. Ice Cube is a better dramatic actor than he is a comic actor. The movie also reinforces some of the stereotypes that have come out in the 1990's. The only really good reason you should see it is for Tucker's performance as Ice Cube's dope-smoking friend, Smokey. He makes the movie.

My Rating = Two Stars

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