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Roger Davidson

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The second sci-fi bomb this week is worse than the film above. The story is this. A race car driver (Emilio Estevez) is transported from the present, 1991, into the future, 2010. He is to be used to house the soul of greedy villain Anthony Hopkins (who's seen better days). However, he escapes and is hunted by evil bounty hunters. A good cast, that couldn't have been more ill-used by the filmakers. I've seen better special effects in a Pillsbury doughboy ad. Rock star, Mick Jagger (in his first acting role in 22 years) couldn't be any less dull in the role of the head bounty hunter. Estevez still needs to take acting lessons. Rene Russo (Outbreak, Get Shorty) is simply used as decoration. As for Hopkins? What's his excuse for being in this? That's a mystery I'd like to have solved.

My Rating = One Star

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