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The Fox and the Hound


Roger Davidson

Fox and the Hound, The
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One of the few films of Disney's dark period, which comes close to capturing the old magic of the studio's glory days. It details the friendship between a young pup and a fox cub, who grow up together and whose friendship is nearly torn apart by differences. Among the more memorable characters, there is Pearl Bailey as Big Mama, a kindly owl and veteran western actor Pat Buttram, as the voice of Chief, the young pup's mentor.

The film is enjoyable during the first half, as we watch the fox and the hound's relationship continue to develop, but the action is very nearly stopped dead in it's tracks when they become adults. It's only saved by a climax involving a fight between the fox, the hound and a really huge bear. An enjoyable, if not altogether successful piece from Disney.

My Rating = Three Stars

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