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Four Rooms


Roger Davidson

Four Rooms
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This film contains four stories from differant directors, and centers around a bellhop named Ted (Reservoir Dogs) and some of the strange characters he meets at his hotel, on New Year's Eve. The movie starts off with a piece by Allison Anders (Gas Food Lodging), which is probably the worst of the bunch. A strained comedy about a coven of witches (led by Valeria Golino and Madonna) trying to release their leader from a curse. However...the witches need one vital ingredient. To get it though, the witch assigned to get the ingredient (Ione Skye) has to make love to Roth. With a lot of bad sex jokes thrown around, this episode is surprisingly sexist for a film directed by a woman.

The goods come in the middle with the next two. Alexandre Rockwell (In The Soup) directs a hilarious piece, in which Roth is forced to play out a sex drama with the bound-and-gagged wife (Jennifer Beals) of a deranged bisexual (David Proval). Robert Rodriguez's (Desperado) tale is the best one. A sidesplittingly funny story, where Roth is supposed to watch over a couple of misbehaving children. The children do all types of stuff. Smoking, drinking, setting the room on fire, stabbing a needle in Roth's leg and finding a dead woman under their bed. This episode goes way over the line of good taste. My type of movie.

Finally, we get to Quentin Tarantino's tale. I was hoping for this one to be a great ending to the film. Unfortunately, even great directors produce some duds. This is not the worst of the bunch, but it certainly isn't the best. In this one, Roth is asked to settle a strange bet between two Hollywood big-shots (Tarantino and Bruce Willis). This one is mostly talk, talk, talk and no action, until the end. By the way. Tarantino has got to stay out of his films! All the segments should have been directed by the same director, like Night On Earth. Despite this though, it's still a cool film.

My Rating = Three Stars

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