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48 Hrs.


Roger Davidson

48 Hrs.
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This film is the film that got Eddie Murphy famous in just one scene. The scene is where Murphy goes into a redneck bar pretending to be a cop and hassles the patrons with nothing but his quick wit and a badge given to him by the cop (Nick Nolte) who's watching over him. That scene is most certainly the one that made Murphy a star overnight.

The plot centers around a cop (Nolte) who wants the help of a convict (Murphy) to find his old cell mate, who escaped from jail at the beginning of the movie. These two hate each other from the start but, as the movie goes on, these two earn a respect of one another while trying, through some very tough places, to find the cell mate. Nolte and Murphy's chemistry together is the best thing about this movie and they have some good lines for each other. This is the all time classic "Buddy" film. Many will like this action-comedy all the way.

My Rating = Four Stars

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