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Forrest Gump


Roger Davidson

Forrest Gump
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Most of you don't need to know the story about a simpleton (Tom Hanks) with an I.Q. of 75, who has the most amazing adventures through a period of three decades. First question on many critics mind: Why did a film about a slow-witted man become so popular with the public? Simply because he's honest and very kind. His heart is the real brain inside him and that's why people like him so much.

Winner of six Academy Awards, and a box-office sensation, it has excellent performances by Hanks as well as Gary Sinise as Lt. Dan, a good friend of Gump's. What surprised me the most is that the two women of the film didn't get Oscar nods for their performance. Robin Wright puts a lot of heart and soul as Jenny, Forrest's best friend and Sally Field also is good as Forrest's "Momma". People of all ages can enjoy this film.

My Rating = Four Stars

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