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Roger Davidson

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Could this week's movies get possibly any worse you say? Yes! Much!! Tom Selleck plays one of those idiotic yuppie stereotypes, whose life is torn apart, thanks to his senile father (Don Ameche). After repeated attempts to kill his father, since that's what Ameche appears to want, Selleck ends up in a series of pratfalls that make you sick after the first two are shown.

Who could have been cruel enough to ruin Selleck's film career further, by putting him in this awful mess? Ameche's fine comic talents are about all this movie has going for it. However, don't think that Ameche's skills enhance this film one bit. Thank God Ameche made a couple of good films after this one, before he passed away. As for Selleck, I'm wondering if he is searching for a different line of work, (dish washing might be more rewarding) after what the filmakers put him through in this cinematic disaster..

My Rating = One Star

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