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The Fisher King


Roger Davidson

Fisher King, The
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One of Terry Gilliam's best works, this compelling fable follows the lives of two down-on-their-luck losers through the streets of New York. Jeff Bridges plays a loathsome Howard Stern-like radio personality, who is driven to the brink of suicide by a recent tragedy, involving one of the frequent callers of his late night talk show. He is saved (somewhat) by a completely insane vagrant (Robin Williams), who believes he's on a quest for the Holy Grail.

Like most of Gilliam's films, the ideas sound nuts at first, but they do suck you in from the first moment. It helps to have incredibly good acting and a hilariously outlandish story on hand. Bridges proves once again that he's one of the greatest actors in American cinema today, and Williams shows that he indeed does have a true dramatic range. The show-stopping performance comes from Mercedes Ruehl, who won an Academy award for her role as Bridges bizarre new age girlfriend, who is trying to save Bridges from a life of misery and self-loathing. Though it's not Gilliam's masterpiece, it certainly is his most ambitious effort. It is depressing at times, but also uplifting in the same instant, and that's what makes the movie so outstanding.

My Rating = Four Stars

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