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Roger Davidson

The First Wives Club
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The first major film of the fall season, this one isn't half bad. Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton play three middle-aged women, who have been dumped by their husbands for younger, sexier women. They form a revenge pact, that will insure that their ex-husbands lives after marriage will be a living hell.

I must say, the three stars make a pretty funny trio. Of the three, Hawn comes off best, as an actress who-in her middle years-is being subjected to the humiliation of playing "mother" roles. Keaton adds her malevolent touch to her usual Annie Hall type roles. Midler is surprisingly the lamest of the bunch. She's good in the scenes with Hawn and Keaton, but in others, she is constantly trying to steal the spotlight from the other actors (Sarah Jessica Parker, Dan Hedaya, Philip Bosco). However, it is quite enjoyable, and you'll love the wicked humor directed at New York high society. I only have one other major quip. Was the annoying show-tune, "You Don't Own Me", at the end of the picture really needed?

My Rating = Three Stars

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