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The Firm


Roger Davidson

The Firm
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The first of many John Grisham novels brought to the screen, this mammoth story follows the life of young lawyer, Mitch McDeere (Tom Cruise), and his attempts to break away from his corrupt law firm. But, as always, breaking up is hard to do. Especially with pressure from the FBI to snitch the firm off and from the mob to stay at his job, or else! So, Cruise goes all out in an effort to get away from both the Feds and his law firm's goons, as well as an attempt to run away into a new life with his wife (Jeanne Tripplehorn).

Quite gripping and suspenseful, with some top-notch performances from Cruise, Tripplehorn, Hal Holbrook as the head of the firm, Gene Hackman as Cruise's mentor and Wilford Brimley as the head of firm security and all-around sleazeball (!). The problems are that it's overlong and has some obvious changes from the original story. However, those obstacles can be overlooked, thanks to the relentless fast-pace of the story, and the excellent foot-chase of the climax. Stay tuned for further Grisham reviews this week.

My Rating = Three Stars

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