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Roger Davidson

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Laughable adaptation of Stephen King's best-seller, the story follows a little girl (Drew Barrymore in her E.T. days) with telekinetic powers and her father, who are on the run from government agents. One of them is a brutal Indian assassin (George C. Scott), who wants Barrymore for his own special purposes. She has the power to start fire and create tremendous heat when she's angry. She uses these powers to get away from many of the agents.

The large cast (Art Carney, Louise Fletcher, Martin Sheen and Heather Locklear) are badly wasted here. Barrymore and Scott are okay, but it doesn't help the film stay afloat. The special effects are okay, but are outdated now. If I were you, I'd read the book instead. You'll probably be better off imagining what's going on, instead of watching mediocre production values and wooden acting.

My Rating = Two Stars

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