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A Few Good Men


Roger Davidson

Few Good Men, A
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A slightly overrated courtroom drama, but not-bad showcase for the various talents in the cast. Tom Cruise and Demi Moore star as two idealistic navy lawyers, assigned to defend two Marines, who may or may not have been ordered in a "Code Red" to murder a fellow soldier. The key to the case lies in hot-blooded Col. Nathan Jessip (Jack Nicholson).

Cruise is good, Moore is okay, but Nicholson is excellent in a role of a lifetime for him. That climactic courtroom scene, though done better in many other films of its type, is still a stunning one. The only problem is its tendency to overplay certain scenes, so as to heighten the dramatic impact. Some of them tend to be unintentionally funny (like Cruise's drunk scene). But that in itself doesn't make this bad. Fine performances and an interesting story keep things flowing.

My Rating = Three Stars

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