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Ferngully...The Last Rainforest


Roger Davidson

Ferngully...The Last Rainforest
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This animated film is full of stuff that's perfect for kids, but it doesn't have much to interest adults. This Disney wannabe is about a mystical rainforest full of fairies, who attempt to protect their home from destructive human machinery and the sinister demon Hexxus (voice of Tim Curry). Among the various creatures that attempt to put a stop to it, there are the fairies Crysta (Samantha Mathis) and Pips (Christian Slater), Zak (Jonathan Ward) a human that was shrunk by fairy magic, and a whacked-out bat named Batty Koda (Robin Williams).

The film has fine animation and some good vocal performances from Williams and Curry, but the ecological message is laid on way too thick. The characters Crysta and Zak are very one-dimensional characters, that don't have much charisma. If you're a lover of animation, you might like some of the landscapes the animators created, but other than that I think you should look somewhere else for an entertaining animated film.

My Rating = Two Stars

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