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Roger Davidson

This film (which originally premiered on HBO) offers an interesting premise, but a rather boring sci-fi story. Try to imagine if Hitler had won WWII. It's now 1964 and most of Europe is still under Hitler's iron fist. But believe it or not, that's not what this film is really about. The story is actually a mystery, involving the death of a high Nazi official and the investigation by an SS officer (Rutger Hauer) and an American reporter (Miranda Richardson). What they uncover is predictable.

The filmakers lacked the know-how to follow through on a plot, that could have been more interesting than what you see on film. Richardson and Hauer have seen better acting days, so don't expect any Emmy-award winning performances here. I think you should just dust off your old copy of War and Remembrance and put this one up in your attic.

My Rating = Two Stars

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