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Roger Davidson

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This film is sort of a hilarious tribute to Minnesota and it's way of life. Despite the films title, the settings are mostly around Brainard and Minneapolis. The story involves a car salesman (William Macy), who hires a couple of thugs (well-played by Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare) to kidnap his wife, in order to collect ransom from his wife's rich father. However, things go horribly wrong, when the thugs kill six people. Meanwhile, a polite police officer (wonderfully played by Frances McDormand) from Brainard is trying to track the thugs down and solve this bizarre case.

The Brothers Coen continually poke fun at Minnesota lifestyles, customs, accents and most especially at the Minnesota politeness. Take McDormand's character! She is so polite, that when she's interrogating Macy, she comes off as almost shy. Great performances, witty dialogue and the fantastic Minnesota settings make this an - what are the right words: An enjoyable experience? Not exactly!! It has a bit of the Pulp Fiction type gore throughout the movie, but like Pulp Fiction, some of the gory scenes are so outrageous they become funny. It's certainly a bizarre film, like many of the Coen's productions, but still very mesmerizing. One final note. The opening of the film says that the story is based on a true incident that happened in Minnesota, but many people here know that it didn't really happen. Maybe it's just another way the Coen's can make us laugh at ourselves. So if you are asking whether I liked this or not, all I'll say is "Ya sure, Ya betcha".

My Rating = Four Stars

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