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Faraway, So Close!


Roger Davidson

The sequel to Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire, this one follows the adventures of angel Otto Sander (Cassiel from the first film), who becomes mortal like his fallen pal Bruno Ganz. Unlike Ganz, who became mortal after falling in love with trapeze artist Marion (Solveig Dommartin), Sander becomes human because he feels he can help humanity. He gets into a bit of trouble at first, thanks to the help of Emit Flesti (Willem Dafoe), an angel supervisor who gets Sander thrown in jail on his first day as a human. Ganz and Dommartin come to the rescue and help Sander adjust to the human world. After Sander gets himself established in society, he starts helping out the people he once observed as an angel. His main task is to help a gangster (Horst Buchholz) go straight. This is not such an easy thing, since Buchholz seems like an unredeemable asshole.

Though not the perfect Wim Wenders' movie, it certainly has a good cast, who do their very best. Peter Falk returns as the slightly eccentric actor, who helped out Ganz in the first movie, and who now helps Sander out this time. Sander is perfectly cast in a Stranger-in-a-Strange-Land type of character. The story is a bit lightweight, and much zanier than the first film, but with such an appealing cast, there are plenty of fine moments. It's a good, but not great companion piece to Wings of Desire.

My Rating = Three Stars

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