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The Fabulous Baker Boys


Roger Davidson

Fabulous Baker Boys, The
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Although the story is as old as the hills, this film somehow manages to suck you in by offering a slightly newer approach. Jeff and Beau Bridges play the title characters, piano playing brothers whose lives are changed when they add a sexy singer (Michelle Pfeiffer) to their lounge act. She adds a certain quality that was lacking in the brothers cheezy musical performances of the past. Jeff ultimately falls in love with her, but still has to deal with the on-off rivalry with his brother Beau. One of the problems is that Beau seems to be quite content with doing the same boring numbers, night after night, while Jeff wishes to go for something with more fire. When Jeff falls in love with Pfeiffer, it's sort of the last straw.

I'm not sure how the filmakers pulled it off, but a trio of good performances by both Bridges and Pfeiffer (who make a fine trio), and a funny, occasionally street-smart screenplay by writer-director Steve Kloves make this old-fashioned story seem completely new. One of the best scenes involves Pfeiffer's rendition of Makin' Whoopee on top of a piano. The movie is already considered a classic, though perhaps for that one scene alone. Still, I'd like to think it would be remembered for its likable story, and characters, who start out unlikable, but begin to grow on you. By film's end, you'll be pleased to find a smile on your face.

My Rating = Four Stars

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