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The Exorcist


Roger Davidson

Exorcist, The
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One of the pinnacles of horror cinema, The Exorcist, is meant to chill you to the bone. The story centers around a young girl (Linda Blair), who becomes possessed by a demon. The demon causes her to break out into violent fits, move objects without even touching them and wreak havoc and chaos for those around her. Her face and voice soon begin to change and she becomes less than human. Less than anything! The girl's mother (Ellen Burstyn) calls on two priests to exorcise the demon from her daughter. One of the priests (Jason Miller, in his best role) is losing his faith in God and does not believe he can make it through the exorcism. The other (Max Von Sydow) is an expert exorcist, called in from overseas to perform this truly horrible exorcism.

The film is one of the most excellent pieces of work I've ever seen. The acting depictions by Burstyn, Von Sydow, Miller and especially Blair, are all great performances. The exorcism scene is probably the most frightening, when the two priests and the demon dish out everything they have at each other. The make-up is excellent, turning sweet, almost angelic, Blair into a horrible repulsive monster, with pores and scabs all over her face, evil eyes that are less human than a wolf and a cruel, rasping voice. William Friedkin (The French Connection and recently Jade) directs this with power and a bizarre passion. The Exorcist is certainly on my list as one of the best films of all time.

My Rating = Four Stars

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