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Executive Decision


Roger Davidson

Executive Decision
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For once, an action film that doesn't end up being a merry-go-round of violence. The plot is as follows. A special group of soldiers, computer experts and federal agents are sent to rescue an airliner hijacked by terrorists. Not only do they have to board the plane nearly 10,000 feet off the ground (with the help of a special state-of-the-art jet fighter), rescue the passengers, disarm the terrorists and take control of the plane but...it seems they ALSO have to disarm a chemical bomb that could wipe out the entire eastern seaboard. Led by a special agent (Kurt Russell), most of the film's time is devoted not to non-stop action, but to the tension-packed proceedings of the group, as they attempt to do all these things with time running out.

This has everything that terrible action films like The Rock and Money Train don't have. That includes good acting, suspense and a well-paced plot. It also doesn't have bombs, shoot-outs and repetitive blood-and-guts violence every 30 seconds or so. Russell, John Leguizamo as his second-in-command and Oliver Platt, as the nervous computer specialist assigned to disarm the bomb, are all impressive, but it's the constant threat of our heroes being discovered that makes this picture perfect.

My Rating = Four Stars

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