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Evita-based on the musical by acclaimed songsmith Andrew Lloyd Webber-follows the story of Eva Peron (Madonna), popular Argentina first lady. She grew from a poor Argentine girl, to a popular actress, to the wife of Juan Peron (Jonathan Pryce), Argentina's dictator. Much of Juan's success in office was thanks to Eva (Evita as the people called her), who was one of Argentina's most popular figures ever. She died at the age of 33. And so the myth about her life would gather, until Webber found interest and made a musical about her life in 1979. Antonio Banderas serves as the narrator-part time player in the story of Evita's troubled life.

This is a fine musical adaptation, that benefits from a great score and songs from Webber and Tim Rice, a lavish production and three impressive performances by Madonna, Pryce and Banderas. Madonna is well cast, in this tailor-made role. One cannot help but see the parallels between Madonna and Evita's two time separated lives. Banderas proves that not only can he act, he can sing beautifully as well. And Pryce, who usually gets the role of milquetoast in his films, is quietly dignified in his role as Juan Peron. The only reason why this is not the perfect musical is because it drags in certain spots and doesn't completely hold your attention some of the time. Most of it is very entertaining, and this is definitely for fans of Madonna and Webber.

My Rating = Three Stars

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