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Evil Dead 2


Roger Davidson

Evil Dead 2
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I've decided to complete my Evil Dead reviews with this, the best in the series. Bruce Campbell is once again Ash. This is basically a spoof/rehash of the first film. Campbell and girlfriend come to a cabin, which turns out to be haunted by evil spirits. Things heat up when the daughter of the owner of the cabin shows up, along with three others. Campbell does what he did in the first film. Hack up everybody after they have become possessed by demons.

This may seem like a typical horror film, but it's actually a comedy thinly disguised as a horror flick. There are plenty of humorous moments, and, unlike Army of Darkness, they actually work at making you laugh. At the same time, using the typical slasher trait of gore galore, it makes you go ugh! Yet the violence is so exaggerated, that you can't help laughing at that too. The best Sam Raimi film is right here, though you should see it for yourselves to judge if it's a truly good film or not.

My Rating = Three Stars

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