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The Evening Star


Roger Davidson

Evening Star, The
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The charming sequel to Terms of Endearment, we follow the continuing adventures of possessive Aurora Greenway (Shirley MacLaine) and her family. Her three grandchildren are all grown up, and are quite dysfunctional. The youngest (Juliette Lewis) chooses the wrong men, the oldest is in jail and the middle child is now a father with a spoiled brat. MacLaine must cope with these family problems as well as dealing with her long-running rivalry with her deceased daughter's best friend Patsy (Miranda Richardson).

MacLaine is in top form, as she returns to her Academy-award winning role. The supporting cast is a huge help. Marion Ross (of Happy Days fame) is a marvel to watch as MacLaine's housekeeper and best friend, Rosy. The story is not better than the original (which is expected), but it has plenty of laughs and a brilliant three-hanky scene at the end. In a year where the box office was full of empty-headed action fare, this was a real treat.

My Rating = Four Stars

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