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Even Cowgirls Get The Blues


Roger Davidson

Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
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Tom Robbins' awful novel does not make it on the big screen. Uma Thurman gives her worst performance to date, as a hitchhiker with oversize thumbs. She eventually is hired on a dude ranch, which is entirely run by women, including the peyote-taking, whip-cracking Delores (Lorraine Bracco) and cowgirl Bonanza Jellybean (Rain Phoenix). The women lead a revolt against the upper-class New York transsexual (John Hurt), who owns the ranch. There is nothing in the world that could make you endure some of the scenes in this movie. Director Gus Van Sant (To Die For) should have picked a better novel to work with. Thurman, usually a competent actor, spoke her lines so blankly, you'd have thought she was in a coma. A candidate for the worst film of the decade, it certainly gets my vote in that category.

My Rating = One Star

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