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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial


Roger Davidson

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
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One of the world's most beloved films and THE highest grossing box-office champion domestically of all-time (until Star Wars was recently re-released that is), this is Steven Spielberg's childhood version of Close Encounters. It involves the friendship of a young boy (Henry Thomas) and a little lost alien, who go against all odds to get the little guy back home. In the meantime, Thomas and his siblings introduce E.T. to Earth life and teach him their language. They also have a tough time trying to hide him from the outside world, which makes for some humorous predicaments.

This is something that Disney (had he been alive at the time) would have loved to have made. Spielberg offers a heartwarming fantasy, that knows the right buttons to push without having to make it too obvious. Thomas is perfect as Elliot, the boy who befriends E.T., and E.T. himself is a marvel to behold. There are so many memorable moments in this: The flying bicycles; The glowing finger curing a wound, etc. It is one of those films that is timeless. This gives the phrase "family film" a whole new meaning.

My Rating = Four Stars

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