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Escape From LA


Roger Davidson

Escape From LA
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Of all the mindless action fare that came out this summer (1996), this has to be the most brainless. Not only is it lacking intelligence, but falls short on soul It's basically just a repeat of the sequel (almost word for word too!). Kurt Russell returns as Snake Plissken, sent into another famous city-prison-hellhole, to try and save the world (even though he doesn't want to do anything of the sort). The president's daughter (A.J. Langer) has stolen a highly destructive weapon, which could cripple the entire world's power supply. Russell has to invade LA, which is now an island unto itself, get the weapon out of the hands of a mad rebel leader (George Corraface) and return safely to the "mainland".

I tell you, nobody could be any less baffled on how this movie got made, than I am right now. Even Russell's previously cool character can't seem to make this film move any faster or make it any more interesting. Like the first film, this wallows in it's own filth for nearly two hours. Attempts at black humor are incredibly infantile, and once again, great talents are shamefully wasted. You might want to escape from the theaters after you've seen this mess.

My Rating = One Star

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