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Enter the Dragon


Roger Davidson

Enter the Dragon
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Probably the all time greatest action star, Bruce Lee proves why he was one of the masters of martial arts in the movies, in his last film role before he died mysteriously at the age of 32. Lee plays a young fighter, who is called on to compete in a deadly tournament on an island full of deadly killers. Fortunately, Lee has a few amazing tricks of his own up his sleeve. And when he dishes it out to the bad guys, he dishes it out fast!

I don't think you should see this if you are expecting any logic, which is practically thrown out the window. Pay attention instead on some of the best stunt fighting ever captured on film. Lee shows why he was so popular and why his legend still lives on. He's quite charismatic as an actor-action star, and he was just on the verge of absolute stardom when he died in 1973. His son Brandon would suffer the same fate on the set of The Crow twenty years later. Lee was sort of the James Dean of action films. Lee will live on for a long time as a legend, thanks to continuous viewings of his great action films like this one.

My Rating = Four Stars

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