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Encino Man


Roger Davidson

Encino Man
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A comedy which gives new meaning to the term "brain dead"! MTV phenom Pauly Shore and Sean Astin star as two geeky teens, who thaw out a caveman (Brendan Fraser) and help integrate him into 1990's teenage Southern California life. From time to time however, Shore (despite his third billing) attempts to steal the spotlight constantly from the co-stars.

Shore has gotten most of his stardom from his obnoxious surfer-dude language, which isn't all THAT different from Bill & Ted, Wayne & Garth, Cher from Clueless or Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Astin's role is unlikable and the rest of the characters are just stupid and unappealing. Fraser easily steals the picture from his limp co-stars, combining prehistoric antics with modern day ones.

My Rating = Two Stars

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