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The Elephant Man


Roger Davidson

The Elephant Man
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An excellent follow-up to Eraserhead, the film is great from start to finish. The film is based on the life of John Merrick (John Hurt in an excellent performance) who had one of the most disfigured faces ever to be seen. His life was mostly as a carnival freak, until Doctor Treves (Anthony Hopkins) found him and brought him to a special hospital where Merrick learned to read and speak with hard and laboring teachings by Treves.

Many die-hard Lynch fans think that this is one of his weakest films. The reason is because this film is not pure Lynch. It seems so far away from works like Eraserhead or Blue Velvet, yet it's dramatics and acting are so good that you can overlook such small details. This is probably, second to Blue Velvet, Lynch's best film work.

My Rating = Four Stars

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