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8 1/2


Roger Davidson

8 1/2
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Federico Fellini directed this wonderful tribute (his best to date) to filmaking and the process that surrounds it. Fellini offers a possibly autobiographical look at a director (Marcello Mastroianni), who is attempting to take a break from his busy lifestyle, so he can figure out how to complete his next picture. But his friends, loved ones, lovers and associates just won't leave him alone for one minute, constantly bugging him about when he's ever going to finish his film. He is making a picture that is slightly based on his life, full of moments taken from his past. He just can't seem to focus, remembering instead his troubling past and the occasion which changed his life in many ways.

Fellini at his best, with some of his most outstanding images! It's basically an attempt to give the audience an idea about what goes on in Fellini's mind and life, besides his work as a filmaker. The late Mastroianni gave one of his most heartfelt performances, as the Fellini-esque director. The best scene involves a fantasy sequence, set to the music of Wagner, in which Mastroianni attempts to tame all the women in his life with a whip.

My Rating = Four Stars

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