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Edward Scissorhands


Roger Davidson

Edward Scissorhands
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I'd have to say, out of all the films Tim Burton has done, none have been more beautiful than this Beauty and the Beast story. The title character (wonderfully played by Johnny Depp) is a man-made human, who's creator died before he was able to finish him. That leaves poor Depp with hands that can hurt people, whenever he uses them the wrong way (mostly by accident). He's brought out of his secluded mansion, into the suburban world by a kindly Avon lady (Dianne Wiest). At first the community accepts him as a unique change in their humdrum lives, but eventually, through unpleasant circumstances, he is rejected and thrown away by the community as an inhuman outcast. He is actually a kind, lonely soul, simply yearning to be accepted. The only person who learns to love and understand him is Wiest's teenage daughter (Winona Ryder). That is where the Beauty and the Beast metaphor comes in.

The performances are marvelous including Depp, Ryder (who made a one-dimensional character into a living breathing three-dimensional being) and the extremely funny Wiest. Burton's dark flare, as well as his usual outcast-among-society theme, work wonders with the story and the sets are amazing. If Burton ever had a true masterpiece, this would be it. Touchingly, comic and tragic, this is one of the true tearjearkers.

My Rating = Four Stars

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