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Eddie Murphy: Raw


Roger Davidson

Eddie Murphy: Raw
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Eddie Murphy used to be one of the best comedians ever. His first concert film Delirious was indeed delirious. But Raw is mostly a lot of "shits" and "fucks". He has a few good lines, but not enough to keep your interest. He does have a good routine about the different opinions of Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor. Impressions have always been Eddie's best feature. After a stupid beginning, shown in flashback, a supposed incident of Murphy's childhood, the rest of the film goes on about how women are "bitchs". I think the reason why Raw isn't funny is because, at the time, his ego had grown incredibly large, whereas Delirious took place before he was a superstar. If you want real laughs from Murphy, rent Delirious. You'll be much better off.

My Rating = Two Stars

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