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Easy Rider


Roger Davidson

Easy Rider
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A film that defined the era of the turbulent 1960's, this low-budget film tells the tale of two motorcyclists (Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper) in search of the "real America". Guess what! They don't find it. They do have a hell of a good time trying though. One of the odd assortment of characters they meet is a nutty drunken lawyer (Jack Nicholson), who may be a bit too odd even for these boys.

The movie virtually ruined Hollywood when the studios tried to capitalize on the success of this film, but it proves that good things don't always come in twos. A good script by Hopper, Fonda and Terry Southern. Plus, plenty moments of humor and a powerful star-making role for Nicholson. Though this has aged a bit, it still captures the sights and sounds of the 60's better than most (but not all) films today.

My Rating = Four Stars

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