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Roger Davidson

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Heavily panned at the time of it's release, this epic adaptation of Frank Herbert's gigantic sci-fi novel is much better than most critics make it out to be. The story is set mostly on the desert planet Arrakis (A.K.A., Dune), where various peoples of the surrounding planets vie for the power of the 'Spice', a special mineral-drug that is important to the balance and order of The Universe. The people of Arrakis in the meantime are waiting for their Messiah Maud'ib, who comes in the form of young Paul (Kyle MacLachlan). He is the key to a secret of The Universe that will either destroy all or bring The Universe together.

Despite some obvious flaws, the film remains true to Herbert's book, has some great acting (especially Kenneth McMillan as the floating villain, Baron Harkonen), imaginative visuals and an impressive score by rock group Toto. Yes, it's overlong. Yes, it does get confusing from time to time. And yes, the cinematography is truly drab and ugly brown. But the story, characters, creatures and visions of Herbert's imagination still come out on top. Seemingly being one of a small handful of people who like the movie, I think it has to be seen more than once to be appreciated more fully.

My Rating = Three Stars

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