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Roger Davidson

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A Disney classic that continues to delight nearly fifty years after it was first released, this tale of an Elephant with over-sized ears is still a favorite no matter how many times you see it. Like most of Disney's heroes, Dumbo has to compete with overwhelming odds to gain respect, courage and self-confidence as he leads the circus life. As always, this Disney hero has a wise-cracking sidekick named Timothy, who delights in scaring the more pompous Elephants away and helps build up his friend Dumbo's courage.

A splendid film that, despite being less colorful than most Disney pictures, never has an unexciting moment. The best sequences: The imaginative "Pink Elephants on parade" scene; the heart tugging moment between Dumbo and his chained up mother and when Dumbo learns to fly, with the help of a "magic feather". This has a wonderful message of gaining confidence, without the message becoming too obvious for the viewing audiences.

My Rating = Four Stars

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