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Drop Dead Fred


Roger Davidson

Drop Dead Fred
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No matter how the people try in this movie, they just can't seem to capture that Beetlejuice magic and put it into this appallingly bad comedy. Phoebe Cates stars as a woman who's life is crashing down on her, until her childhood "playmate" (Rik Mayall) pops into her life again and wrecks it some more, for about an hour and a half. That is until we have to come to the obligatory happy ending which, after seeing all the mayhem that came before it, seems completely out of place here.

This is mainly for fans of films with completely unappealing characters in them. Mayall (from the cult British show, The Young Ones) has never been more obnoxious and moronic than this. And poor Phoebe! Another case of a usually competent actor given absolutely nothing to do. Only the strong-willed should endure such agony!

My Rating = One Star

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