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The Doors


Roger Davidson

Doors, The
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A weird journey through the life of one of Rock's legends Jim Morrison (Val Kilmer) and his band mates. From what we learn from the film, Jim was nothing but a drunken asshole, who slept with many women and did too much coke. He ruined a happy life with his girlfriend, Pam (Meg Ryan) and made everyone miserable. The film follows him from his humble beginnings in 1965, trying to start a band and sell his poetry, and goes all the way to his disastrous 1969 Miami concert, in which he was arrested for exposure.

Oliver Stone recreates the sites and sounds of the sixties quite well, and Kilmer seems to be Jim Morrison, but we don't learn much about Morrison. Most of his life was a real bummer, to quote a certain hippie I know, and is a better musician than he is as a human. Still, if you want to experience life the Jim Morrison way, you should see this movie.

One final thing. I have failed to mention some other good performances by the supporting cast, that are overshadowed by Kilmer's performance. Ryan is perky as Jim's flaky girlfriend Pam. Kyle Maclachlan as Ray Manzarek, the man who should be known as the real founder of The Doors, and Kathleen Quinlan as a bizarre reporter, who Jim gets emotionally involved with. Perhaps you should see the film for the interesting cast and music. Otherwise, it's not worth shelling out $6.50 at the movie theater or $4.00 on video.

My Rating = Two Stars

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