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Don Juan DeMarco


Roger Davidson

Don Juan DeMarco
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This movie is one of the most romantic films i have seen in years. It is another one of Johnny Depp's living-on-the-edge films. It's the story of a man who thinks he is the world's greatest Lover (Depp). He is handed over to a psychiatrist (Marlon Brando) to find out who he really is.

However, Depp starts to bring love back into Brando's life and to rediscover his youth with his wife(Faye Dunaway). The three leads are terrific, especially Brando in his first good film in years. The chemistry between Dunaway and Brando is also great but not as good as between Brando and Depp. This is the type of film to bring a date to for a good time and I think this movie will introduce a new generation to the one and only Marlon Brando. This film is pure romance all the way through.

My Rating = Four Stars

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