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Do the Right Thing


Roger Davidson

Do the Right Thing
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Probably one of Spike Lee's most controversial films, this follows the day in the life of various characters in a New York neighborhood, during a hot summer day. Mostly, it's centered around the local eatery, run by Sal (Danny Aiello) and his sons (John Turturro and Richard Edson). Among the various people, we meet the local drunk Da Mayor (Ossie Davis), who offers a rather interesting philosophy to the people he meets. Mookie (Lee), the pizza delivery boy, who does a lot more with his time than deliver pizzas. And Radio Raheem (Bill Nunn), who's always carrying a large boom-box, which constantly plays Public Enemy's "Fight the Power". It's Nunn's boom-box which starts the climactic riot in Aiello's pizza parlor and brings the racial tensions to the ultimate limit.

Full of Lee's interesting social insights, and plenty of stunning moments, this is to date, of all Lee's films, his cinematic masterpiece. For once, Lee acts well! And his characters are as arresting as always. The major theme, as to whether or not we can truly all just get along, is brought to intense life by the actors and the production members of Lee's troupe. If any film has caused as much controversy in the past ten years, this probably is the one.

My Rating = Four Stars

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