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The Distinguished Gentleman


Roger Davidson

Distinguished Gentleman, The
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Another star showcase for Eddie Murphy, this one has him as a hustler, who gets himself elected into the House of Representatives. That's where the real con game begins. With a little help from his sister (Sheryl Lee Ralph) and fellow con-men, he wheels, deals and learns a few things about politics. Blocking his path to success are sleazy congressmen Dick Dodge (Lane Smith) and Olaf Anderson (Joe Don Baker). Who will succeed in the political con game? And why should we care?

It's supposed to take a stab at Washington politics, but mostly what it does is waste time. Murphy is charismatic and less offensive than he was in some of his worst material efforts, but it's not exactly an impressive performance like his recent comeback role in The Nutty Professor (see yesterday's review). Ralph is far better in her role, putting in her character a combination of book smarts and street smarts. She is about the only thing this movie has going for it. Even the cheesy once-popular Capraesque ploy doesn't work in this one.

My Rating = Two Stars

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