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Dirty Harry


Roger Davidson

Dirty Harry
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One of Clint Eastwood's most popular roles and the definitive dirty cop film, Eastwood plays a San Francisco detective tracking a serial killer. The killer (Andrew Robinson) is crafty, but he doesn't reckon with the die hard, break-all-the-rules tactics of Eastwood. And Eastwood always gets his man (thanks in part to his .357 Magnum), even if it means stepping over that fine line between being heroic and being psychotic.

Eastwood sears the screen with his presence, with gracious help from gritty action Director Don Siegel, the sharp editing and the nifty score by Lalo Schifrin (the artist behind the Mission: Impossible theme). This is followed by four sequels, but none of them are as good as this adrenalin-filled action picture.

My Rating = Four Stars

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