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Barry Levinson's wonderful directorial debut follows six friends in 1959 Baltimore, who meet at the local diner and contemplate about life from their childish perspective. Among the various characters, there is Boogie (Mickey Rourke), who owes a large amount of money to a local loan shark, but spends most of his time trying to bed girls in typical post-adolescent fashion. Shrevie (Daniel Stern) is the only married one of the bunch, who despite being married, still has an immature view on marriage. One particularly funny scene involves a fight between him and his wife (Ellen Barkin), when he finds she misplaced a record in his collection. He's the type of person that organizes them in a confusingly orderly system (labeled by year, type of music, alphabetically, etc.), which drives the people around him, who just want to listen to the damn music, crazy.

Levinson recreated the era of the feel-good 50's to perfection, with an appropriate soundtrack and fresh performances from a time when Rourke, Stern, Kevin Bacon, Paul Reiser and Steve Guttenberg were young, wet-behind-the-ears actors. Part of the credit should also go to Levinson's script and his knack for creating and inventing realistic dialogue. By the way, this is part of what fans of Levinson like to call his "Baltimore trilogy". So if you wish, you should probably also rent Tin Men and Avalon to go with Diner.

My Rating = Four Stars

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