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Die Hard With A Vengeance


Roger Davidson

Die Hard With A Vengeance
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There are three things I like about the "Die Hard" films. One is that it always has a good sense of humor. Two, Bruce Willis' excellent performance in the lead, and three, of course, is the action. In this one, Willis once again must go up against a mad terrorist who is planting bombs all over New York. Only Willis can stop him. This does not disappoint the "Die Hard" fans. It's loaded with action that could almost top the first two. The supporting roles are good too. Such as Samuel L. Jackson in another great performance as a Harlem Shop owner who helps Willis out in finding the bombs, and Jeremy Irons makes a formidable villain.

This is making good money already and it sure hasn't disappointed me. Unlike a lot of sequels, this one seems to one-up the first two over and over again. In short, I liked it. Hope you do too.

My Rating = Four Stars

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