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Dick Tracy


Roger Davidson

Dick Tracy
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The faithful adaptation of Chester Gould's square-jawed, comic book detective, this film perfectly casts Warren Beatty in the title role. He's after "Big Boy" Caprice (Al Pacino) and his grotesque gang of villains. With the help of his faithful sidekick Kid (Charlie Korsmo) and of his love Tess Truehart (Glenne Headly), he's ready to put a stop to Pacino's crimes and put him behind bars.

I know the story is simplistic to the hilt, but there are so many good things about this (action, colorful cinematography, outstanding make-up), that you forget about such details. The actors fit well into their roles, including Pacino, in a performance that's equal to Jack Nicholson's in Batman. Madonna vamps it up as she's never done before as femme fatale, Breathless Mahoney, who has her eye set on seducing Beatty (a real life lover at the time). Beatty needs her simply as a key to stopping Pacino and his criminal underworld. This is for people who enjoyed the comics of the past and for people who want to get into them now.

My Rating = Three Stars

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