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Destiny Turns on the Radio


Roger Davidson

Destiny Turns on the Radio
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This is the type of movie that you have to slog through for nearly an hour, before you realize it isn't going anywhere. A Pulp Fiction wannabe, this attempts to throw in every Quentin Tarantinoesque plot device there is, including Tarantino as a sort of "hip" guardian angel for all the other characters in the picture. The plot deals with an escaped convict (Dylan McDermott), who returns to his old stomping grounds in Las Vegas to reclaim two things. A large sum of money, which he stole with his slightly eccentric partner (James LeGros) and his old girlfriend (Nancy Travis). Problem is that LeGros went nuts and lost the money in a "cosmic" event, while Travis is now the main squeeze of a sleazy casino owner (James Belushi, chewing up the scenery like there's no tomorrow).

Most of the actors attempt to outdo each other and they, like Belushi, chew up the scenery. Tarantino, still trying to be Robert De Niro and failing miserably, not only chews up the scenery but swallows it whole. As for the script, it's full of cliched slang that seems left over from a bad 1950's biker movie. Take LeGros' observation about the swimming pool where Tarantino magically pops out of: "That's not a swimming pool. That's the devil's watering hole". Real profound stuff there! The line is meant to be funny. Maybe in the 50's!?. Perhaps it would have been funny, had the delivery not been so clumsy. I feel sorry for Jim Belushi the most, who is so damn likable, he's totally unconvincing as a bad guy. The main problem of this film is that they chose the wrong people for these characters, and the wrong director too. Tarantino might have been able to juice it up if he had either directed or scripted this lame project. So much for asking for small favors.

My Rating = One Star

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