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Dersu Uzala


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Dersu Uzala
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A lesser known work from Akira Kurosawa, but no less amazing. Winner of the Best Foreign film Oscar, this is a poetic look at two people from two different worlds. Yuri Solomine plays a Russian explorer, who is taught the rules of survival in Siberia by a gold hunting guide (Maxim Munzuk). Over the years the two develop a mutual respect and friendship.

Although the film is rather slowly paced, the two charismatic stars and the beautiful cinematography make up for all the extra time. This was made during a slump in Kurosawa's film career, that lasted from Yojimbo to Kagemusha. Still, even though it's not a large scale film like Kurosawa's other work, it's no less impressive.

My Rating = Three Stars

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